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Possible Damage

Possible Damage: In Progress II

14 Apr 2011

With the Inivators and artist Tania El Khoury

The Inivators highlight some of the unseen, experiential elements of the Possible Damage archive through audio tours accompanied by an interactive intervention/ performance – visitors should be prepared for some surprises!

NB. even if the audio tours are fully booked you can still come and see the exhibitions for free and take advantage of special offers on drinks in our cafe!

Possible Damage

Shortly after the first of the student protests here in London, at Millbank, we realised that something had happened, something that had precipitated events that we found ourselves unsure of. Since this time, we have established ourselves as archivists and investigators of the realm of possible damage to come. The precarious nature of the objects and documents that have found their way into our hands have dubious and sometimes speculative origins.

The archive is brought together from found, donated and created objects each lending its weight towards preserving a fragile memory of a particular event. The organising and indexing of the archive present a speculative attitude towards the present and recent past that in their refusal to adhere themselves to a set of truths instead provoke a question of what is in fact believable, revealing the delicate bonds of social narrative and trust in a collective idea of history.

Part of our archive is dedicated to those who we call ‘the disappeared’. We still don’t know where these people are or how they disappeared, although of course we all have our suspicions.  We know little of their identities but we do know that their actions, as anonymous beings, have influenced us all.

The Inivators 

An immersive live piece, an installation and public interventions by the Inivators (Iniva’s Youth Advisory Board) and artist Tania El Khoury probe concerns shared with Rabih Mroue. Possible Damage investigates construction of social memory and its consequent realities. It forms a collective archive through which we can imagine a group’s shared experiences, narritives and conflicts.

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Why not also come to Possible Damage: Performance III on Saturday 30 April, 3pm. The Inivators present their Possible Damage research in a lecture performance in the exhibition space.

Audio tours and a performance/ intervention