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Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity

Guess Who? Yara El-Sherbini

30 Jan 2010

An afternoon of gaming and discussions with the Inivators and artist Yara El-Sherbini

As part of Work in Progress and in response to the Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity exhibition, the Inivators in collaboration with Yara El-Sherbini challenge you to a game of ‘Guess Who?’

Artist Yara El-Sherbini and the Inivators host an afternoon of gaming inviting you to play a new version of ‘Guess Who?’. No longer the relic of the 80’s, this ‘Guess Who?’ plays with the here and now, made in the context of difference, diversity and contemporary notions of perception.

You can play this contemporary version of ‘Guess Who?’, which has been created as an installation, at any point during the Progress Reports exhibition in the Education Space at Rivington Place, where there is also the opportunity to become a character in the game.