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Global Ethnic Majorities Board Association | 1st GEMBA Meeting

31 Mar 2021

A workshop with Jack Tan, Jade Montserrat and Amy Lawrence

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Calling all Black and Global Ethnic Majorities people (GEM) who are Board members or trustees in UK arts and culture organisations. The initiating group (Amy LawrenceJade Montserrat and Jack Tan) invite you to join a workshop to share insights, experiences and knowledge in order to determine whether there is a need to create a GEM Board Association or similar. 

More than ever, creating solidarity among Black and Global Ethnic Majorities board members from across the UK is an urgent enterprise. They recognise that the experience of GEM board members can be isolating, and physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging. Reports of being gaslit, invisibile-ized and objectified are not uncommon, and they would welcome fellow GEM board members to come together to strategise and collectivise. 

The workshop’s aim is to gather information so that we can collectively decide the next step(s). They will do this by identifying need through sharing experiences and lessons learnt from our time on Boards. Then drawing together themes arising from that sharing, they will clarify common issues and brainstorm our future need. Having gauged interest, they will consider whether or not an Association is needed. If so, they will agree the next steps to determine the kind of structure or further discussion that is necessary.

You will be asked to declare that you are a GEM person and are in, have been in or are about to join a board.

Notes: GEMBA arose out of preparatory discussions for Jade Montserrat’s public conversation “Act 2: Scoring Performance” with Amy Lawrence and Jack Tan.

Image: Jack Tan (2015), Decision Pong: a boardroom decision-making game; ceramics, ping pong balls, conference table. Part of How To Do Things With Rules solo show, ICA Singapore.