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Sheela Gowda: Therein & Besides

Films responding to Sheela Gowda exhibition

17 Feb 2011

Curated and introduced by Shanay Jhaveri in response to the Sheela Gowda exhibition

Film screenings curated and introduced by Shanay Jhaveri, art historian, in response to Sheela Gowda: Therein & Besides.

Beyond the use of locally specific materials in her works, that suggest a real perceptual awareness of the numerous disappearances and evanescence’s of manual labor, resulting from the transmogrifications taking place in India, Sheela Gowda’s practice also consciously tends to the abstract. She organizes these materials in vivid abstractions, through various physical processes. It is around this notion of a commitment to process, however visible or invisible, its duration and the skill attached to it, that these film screenings have been programmed.

Harun Farocki, In Comparison, 2009, 61′

Harun Farocki’s In Comparison depicts assorted traditions of brick production taking place in numerous contexts. The observant work travels from a clinic in Burkina Faso through semi-industrialized mouldings in India to industrial production lines in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, all the while emphasizing unequivocally the differing kinds of temporality associated with the working process.

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Bangalore based artist Sheela Gowda presents her first solo exhibition in the UK at Rivington Place, including a new commission. Gowda is known for creating large-scale sculptural installations which take everyday materials as the starting point and for works that combine abstract forms with references to society.