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Creative Mapping - Year 1 The Pilot Projects

Exploring Personal Cartographic Boundaries – Year 1 Layla Curtis

06 Mar 2010

What personal boundaries do we map for ourselves and our environment? Artist Layla Curtis explored these themes with students at Tower Hamlets College.


Working with students at Tower Hamlets College, artist Layla Curtis explored themes she utilises in her own work involving notions of mapping and cartography. Together they looked at different ways in which information can be mapped.

Some of the themes they explored were:

  • How our memory and knowledge of the places important to us varies from person to person and the effect this has on how we then map a place
  • How mapping can be subjective and how the appearance of maps and information included in a map can depend on who is doing the mapping
  • How each of our experiences of the world and how we see it visually is slightly different
  • The types of boundaries present in traditional cartography and their own personal cartographic boundaries.

Students were investigating the theme of boundaries for their A-Level studies.