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POSTPONED Exploring Identity: Dialogues of Difference With Georgina Obaye Evans

26 Mar 2020

An Experiential Workshop Exploring Race, Class, Gender and Culture through Silence and Voice.

  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Location

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date

    26 March 2020

  • Time


  • Admission

    £20 General
    £10 Students

Iniva Creative Learning are pleased to revisit our Exploring Identity programme with a new evening workshop facilitated by Georgina Obaye Evans.  The workshop will take place in the Stuart Hall Library on 26th March. ‘Dialogues of Difference’ will use the theme of silence as an innovative way into exploring class, culture, gender and race. For those working in the field, the ideas discussed and the ‘hands on’ exercises facilitated by Georgina, incorporating the use of the Emotional Learning Cards can be adapted for use with all ages in group or individual therapy sessions or in the classroom setting. The artwork explored and the themes covered also support art students and artists by providing a unique opportunity for reflecting on their own practice and its personal resonance.

Participants do not need to have attended previous workshops as all groups are designed to be stand alone.  Numbers are kept low to offer a more personal experience.

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR  Georgina was born in Nigeria and is of mixed heritage. Exploring ideas relating to how our identity is shaped by conscious and unconscious influences has always been of key interest to her both as an artist and a creative therapist.  Georgina has a number of professional roles including working as an A Space sessional therapist in schools.

This workshop provides 2 hours of CPD (certificated).

Fee:  £20 per person; £10 for students
Places are limited so early booking via
Eventbrite is advised.


For more information on the Emotional Learning Cards visit www.iniva.org or email sibreck@iniva.org.

Image credit: Smother (Tiger Mother window) by Sarah Cole and Coram Young Mothers 2010, from What do relationships mean to you?