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Enduring Connections Chelsea College of Arts, Iniva and Tate

05 Jun-26 Jun 2019
  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Address

    16 John Islip Street,
    SW1P 4JU

  • Date

    Wednesday 5th June

  • Date

    Wednesday 26th June

  • RSVP

    Free but booking is required

  • Artists

    Frank Bowling

To mark the recent move of Iniva to John Islip Street, Chelsea College of Arts (UAL), Iniva and Tate will hold a free 2-part joint event as part of our Enduring Connections series. Building on a history of collaboration across institutions, we aim to re-introduce and promote our specialist collections on art and artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America and UK artists with diverse backgrounds to a new audience and focus on post-colonial narratives and research on race, class and gender in contemporary art. We will also aim to foster the development of informal networks of researchers, artists and librarians/archivists working in these and related areas.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

13.30-14.30 Stuart Hall Library, Iniva

14.45-15.45 Tate Library

16.00-17.00 Chelsea College of Arts Library

Reception 17.00-18.00

The first event will consist of three sequential one hour seminars with a librarian introducing the strengths of each institutional collection and featuring three invited guest speakers artists Raju Rage and Jheni Arboine who will highlight a unique item or topic of interest in each collection. This will be followed by a reception with refreshments for discussion and networking after the event.

The outcomes of this event include promoting critical discourses in artistic research and creating dialogue around the changing landscape of art collections and documentation, and will lead to the second day collaborative event focusing on the artist Frank Bowling who is collected across the three partner institutions.

This event will begin at Stuart Hall Library, Iniva at 13.30pm. 

Wednesday 26 June 2019

12.00-12.30 Stuart Hall Library, Iniva

12.45-13.15 Chelsea College of Arts Library

13.30-14.00 Tate Library

Frank Bowling is a prominent artist of Caribbean descent working internationally between London and New York. Alumnus of Chelsea College of Arts, his artistic practice has developed from figurative paintings to abstract approaches, his collections have spanned several institutions and connected across geographies and topics of expression and culture. He exhibited in “Fault Lines: Contemporary African Art and Shifting Landscapes” exhibition with Iniva in 2003. He will have his first major retrospective exhibition at Tate Britain between 31 May and 26 August 2019.

This day will shine a spotlight on Bowling’s artistic practice through a cross-institutional exploration of art documentation and archival resources related to his work held at Iniva, Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) and Tate. This will be a free guided lunchtime archive crawl to engage with items in each institution for 30 minutes. Librarians will lead the conversation on Frank Bowling’s scholarship and its sources. This event aims to create dialogue about Bowling’s enduring relevance in art and education, with a focus on a younger generation of artists and researchers.

This event will begin at Stuart Hall Library, Iniva at 12pm.
Please note: places are limited and advance booking is required.

This event is sponsored by the Art Libraries Society (ARLIS) UK & Ireland.
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