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Emotional Learning Cards Workshop Exploring Difference Series 2: Reflections on Gender

22 Feb-08 Mar 2018

Demonstration workshop for personal and professional development

  • Date and time

    22 February, 1 & 8 March, 6-8pm

  • Location

    Shoreditch Trust Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, London N1 6JP

  • Admission

    £80 per person for all three sessions

  • More Info

    Susan Ibreck, Iniva Creative Learning Manager

    0207 749 1247 / sibreck@iniva.org

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Three week evening course delivered by art psychotherapist Georgina Evans
Held at the Shoreditch Trust Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, London N1 6JP
For personal and professional development (six hours certified CPD)
£80 per person

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In the spring term 2018, we continue our workshop programme using our Emotional Learning Cards. Series 2 will be facilitated by Georgina Evans, art psychotherapist. Georgina was born in Nigeria and is of mixed heritage. Exploring ideas relating to how our identity is shaped by conscious and unconscious influences has always been of key interest to her both as an artist and a creative therapist.

The workshop is open to all and will introduce ways to open up important conversations about class, culture and race, with a focus on gender. In contemporary society gender is being  radically reframed on the one hand and is perpetually and traditionally reinscribed on the other, how can we explore and navigate this? The workshops will include ‘hands on’ exploration of key themes and art exercises. For those working in the field, these can be adapted for use in group or individual sessions with all ages.


  •  Thursday 22 February: How might our cultural / family / peer group expectations based on our gender shape our sense of self?
  •  Thursday 1st March: How is our sense of self negatively impacted by the roles commonly associated with our gender? How can we change this?
  •  Thursday 8th March: How can we re-frame our self-perceptions, letting go of labels and family/ societal expectations that limit us?

Workshop participants will be given handouts including suggestions for practical activities and discussion points to take away linked to our Emotional Learning Cards. Sets can be purchased at a discount during the series.

Places are limited so early booking is advised.

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For more information on the Emotional Learning Cards visit the Learning section of the Iniva website or email sibreck@iniva.org.

Emotional Learning Cards feature images of international contemporary art together with questions and suggestions for activity and discussion. They are a fantastic means through which to open up important personal and social conversations with young people but can equally be used as a refreshing introduction to contemporary art. Our cards are used all over the world by teachers, art therapists, counsellors, parents, artists and gallery educators.

Image Above: Sonia Boyce, Big Women's Talk.© Sonia Boyce. From Emotional Learning Cards set: What do relationships mean to you?