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Contemporary Rites: Live Art and Contemporary Performance

Contemporary Rites: 20 November, 6.30-8.30pm

20 Nov 2014

Live Performance: SPIT KIT (Ria Hartley), COMMUNION (Jade Montserrat) and SNAKES and SHARKS and EELS and BOMBS and LADDERS (Season Butler)

As part of its Emerging Practices programme Iniva presents Contemporary Rites as curated by Teresa Cisneros; a three-week series of live art performances taking place in the Education Space from 6 until 20 November, where 11 artists and curators will consider the role of ritual and rite in contemporary performance and live art.


A series of performances that each take distinctly different positions on the body as a site of the articulation of identity through ritual practice.

Communion with Jade Montserrat speaks of vanity; the ritual of ‘preening’ and ‘fixing’ hair, however at its core is its connection with religion and the ironing out of cultural difference through mass identity. Ria Hartley‘s Spit Kit is an invitation to salivate, talk about chromosomes and what we might know and think about our ancestry. Snakes and Sharks and Eels and Bombs and Ladders by Season Butler is a living Game of Life where rights of passage are the spaces on the game board and moving up doesn’t always mean getting ahead.

Eventbrite - Contemporary Rites, Thursday 20th November, 6.30-8.30pm

We run a waiting list, if you register and then drop out please email us: info@iniva.org

This is a free event but places are limited.


Season Butler is a London-based writer, performance artist and teacher, and an associate producer of the I’m With You art collective.

Ria Hartley is an interdisciplinary solo performance artist, researcher and educator based in the South West of England. Her current research is autobiographical and investigates the retracing of her diasporic identity through (re)locating her absent, representational, material and genetic body.

Jade Montserrat is an artist and writer whose work assumes a vernacular that tears up and cuts out, magnifying symbols, repeated text and imagery that determine, question or potentially threaten aspects of her identity. The works offer a proliferation of meaning, shift existing perceptions of reality and question the nature of the artwork.