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Clare Charnley: Nothing Like This… (and not their real names)

01 Oct-30 Oct 1998

As part of the Artist-in-Research programme Clare Charnley spent a period of six weeks at the Lloyd Loom furniture factory in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

While the style and method were devised by the American inventor Marshall Burns Lloyd, the company combines the original designs and techniques with British manufacturing excellence. Spinning brown paper tape, reinforced by paper strands, the ‘fibres’ are woven into a ‘fabric’ and are skilfully attached to strong seasoned Beech hardwood frames.

During her residency at the factory Clare Charnley worked through ideas for a series of small-scale works arising from conversations with factory staff on the shop floor.

She produced an artists’ book, which is a compilation of extracts from notes and drawings made during her residency. It charts the development of the artist’s thought processes and her work processes, and how they were influenced by the people in the factory.