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Unearthing the Banker's Bones Keith Piper

Artistic Strategies from the 1980s and Beyond: Keith Piper

07 Mar 2017

Join leading British artist Keith Piper to discuss his work in relation to art and activism from the 1980s to the present and beyond

Keith Piper‘s work over the past 30 years responds to specific social and political issues, historical relationships and geographical sites. This discussion with Keith Piper focuses on the artist’s pioneering use of digital technology in his work, from video to computer-based interactivity. Speakers also include academics and curators Anjalie Dalal-Clayton, Ramon Amaro and Paul Goodwin.

Organised in collaboration between Iniva and Tate, this is the first of three events exploring strategies developed in the 1980s by artists focused on questions of race and gender. How did artists navigate the political and social terrain of Britain then, and how are these tactics deployed by artists and activists working today?