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Iniva x The Laundry Arts The reading together society

Reading Group Art Strikes

22 Feb 2020
  • Venue

    Stuart Hall Library

  • Date

    Saturday 22 February 2020

  • Time


  • Free

For session two of Iniva x The Laundry Arts reading together society, we will read Martin Herbert’s essay on conceptual American artist David Hammons (2016) alongside Kuba Szreder’s ‘Productive Withdrawals: Art Strikes, Art Worlds, and Art as a Practice of Freedom (2017)

Herbert traces Hammons art career as one of emergence, withdrawal and return on his own terms from refusing major gallery circuits to taking his work to the streets and audiences the work is intended for, to also negotiating a 90/10 split on his White Cube show.

Szreder’s essay considers how strikes within the art world can reconfigure infrastructural problems articulating productive withdrawal as the organization of an art strike, partaking in a boycott, or occupying art infrastructure that can be best understood as sustaining art as a practice of freedom.

Join us as we continue our interest in considering written works that can help us determine strategies and tools for existing, working and surviving in the arts in 2020.


The Laundry Arts is a creative platform + studio engaging with the curious, visionary and creatively courageous. Their work is purpose-led, insightful and challenging. They are a growing network of creators and thinkers, leading in their fields, kicking down doors and refusing to be unseen. They curate exhibitions, produce installations, self-publish and collaborate with cultural organisations and brands in the production of experiential content, from dinners to parties and discussions.