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Art Lab

Art Lab 2016: Exploring British Values

22 Feb-04 Mar 2016

Project for Year 4 Pupils at Newport & Dawlish Schools
With artist Shiraz Bayjoo & family therapist Camilla Waldburg
Exhibition of pupils work – Stuart Hall Library, Iniva – 22 February to 4 March 2016

Pupils from Dawlish & Newport Schools, Leyton look at the ArtLab artwork within the Stuart Hall Library, Iniva. Images courtesy of Newport School, Leyton.


Who decides the values we live by? Are some values shared by all communities? Why does the current National Curriculum require that students learn about four core values – liberty, tolerance, democracy and respect for law? How do values give us a sense of belonging? These are the kinds of questions Year 4 pupils at Newport and Dawlish Primary Schools in Leyton have been investigating under a programme co-led by the Opossum Federation, A Space and Iniva Creative Learning called ‘Art Lab’.
Art Lab projects use the classroom as an experimental ‘laboratory’ with guest artists, cultural researchers and creative therapists contributing.  Workshops are designed around contemporary art practices and feature themes linked to Emotional Learning Cards resources, co-published by A Space and Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts). The A to Z of Values project reflected on subjects captured in the card sets How do we live well with others? and A to Z of Emotions.

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Year 4 Pupils & Shiraz Bayjoo – Collage and Watercolour depicting ‘Law’ & ‘Peace’

Lena Law large

Over the spring term, artist Shiraz Bayjoo led a programme of research and art making to enquire into what values mean, how they are created, why they are important and how they link to our emotional life. Taking artist Shiraz Bayjoo’s practice as a starting point, Year 4 pupils experimented in expressing different values in a visual format. Camilla Waldburg, A Space Family Therapist, joined selected workshops to support pupils in exploring family values and their impact on universal values.  Nine students were also selected as Art Leaders to work more intensely with Shiraz and Camilla. Bayjoo’s watercolours, film and installations inspired the pupils to create their own pieces.

Work by pupils from ArtLab 2016 will be publically exhibited from 22 February through 4 March 2016 at Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library, Iniva

Iniva Creative Learning is delighted to be working again on ArtLab 2016 with the Opossum Federation of schools which include Dawlish, Neport and Oakhill Primary Schools in North London. To find out more about ArtLab contact us, join the mailing list or follow our social media feeds.