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‘A post-independence American/English-educated Christian Indian Trinidadian West Indian Creole male artist’. This is how Steve Ouditt describes himself in a playful and poignant comment on the complexities of diasporan identities which have become so resonant in the so-called post-modern world.

Profoundly aware of the limitations of language, Ouditt’s writings and art navigate the difficult terrain between the visual and the verbal, between the poetic and the prosaic. Creole in-site collects together the artist’s writings for the first time, alongside images of his work.

Annotations series
Iniva’s Annotations series assembles art and ideas that have existed previously in a different context. These short accessible volumes are perfect introductions to some of the issues at the heart of current critical debate.

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What people say

'Creole in-site - when spoken - one may hear "creole insight" or "creoling site", or even, on a blurry wavelength, "creole inside". What comes to mind when I say it is a sunburnt bare-backed sailor shouting from a wooden poop high above an imposing ship where we are about to encounter the creole other.' Steve Ouditt


ISBN: 1-899846-18-2
Softback, 225 x 165mm
15 illustrations (6 in colour)
Iniva, 1998