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This anthology brings together 22 essays in which key critical thinkers, scholars and artists explore a wide range of subjects including contemporary African visual art, cinema and photography.

They lay out theoretical and critical frameworks for engaging with these practices, locating them within the context of current debate and the continent’s history.

Kwame Anthony Appiah, Manthia Diawara, Ima Ebong, Okwiu Enwezor, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Salah Hassan, Sidney Kasfir, Daivd Koloane, Thomas McEvilley, Kobena Mercer, V.Y. Mudimbe, Laura Mulvey, Everlyn Nicodemus, Olu Oguibe, Chika Okeke, John Picton, Colin Richards, Margo Timm, N. Frank Ukadike, Ocatvio Zaya


What people say

'The essays in this anthology map the significant shifts in recent cultural criticism which have helped reframe not only debates around visual culture from the African continent but also the discipline of art history generally...' Dr Annie Coombes - Director of Graduate Studies of Art History, Birkbeck College, University of London
'... No matter whether the contributors are discussing film, fashion, identity, colonialism, the mirage of cultural authenticity or painting, Reading the Contemporary proves itself to be a valuable compendium of critical thought on the ever shifting, mutating cultural moment.' Calvin Reid - Publishers Weekly
'An articulate collection of some of the most informed and insightful writings on the burning and substantial issues in African art. This anthology is a conclave of respected authorities in contemporary art theory, criticism and production. A reliable escort for any person seriously engaged in the study of African art and letters at the interface of two epochs.' Obiora Udechukwu - Professor of Fine Arts, University of Nigeria and Distinguished Visiting Dana Professor of Fine Nsukka Arts, St Lawrence University, Canton, New York


ISBN: 1-899846-21-2
432pp, softback, 236 x 180mm, 67 illustrations (18 in colour)
Iniva, 1999