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Modernity and Difference includes an influential conversation between Professor Stuart Hall and Professor Sarat Maharaj on modernity, difference and untranslatability, which took place at the Lux Centre in Hoxton, London, at an event organised by Iniva.

In this extraordinary discussion, two of today’s most important commentators on race and culture map out a new space for thinking about difference – a space which is both translatable and untranslatable and, ultimately, escapes fixity and closure.

This volume also publishes Stuart Hall’s keynote address to the Tate Gallery’s ‘Museums of Modern Art and the End of History’ conference, in which he proposes the history of modernity and modernism to be a series of ‘cultural translations’, rather than being firmly enshrined in the Western canon. Sarat Maharaj’s ‘Perfidious Fidelity: The Untranslatability of the Other’, first published with the papers from Iniva’s first conference on the ‘new internationalism’ is reprinted here, as it introduces and lays out the framework within which Maharaj speaks of translation and untranslatability.

Annotations series
Iniva’s Annotations series assembles art and ideas that have existed previously in a different context. These short accessible volumes are perfect introductions to some of the issues at the heart of current critical debate.

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Mixed Belongings and Unspecified Destinations


ISBN: 1-899846-30-1
Softback, 225 x 165mm
18 illustrations (6 in colour)
Iniva, 2001