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To accompany iniva’s exhibition ‘Village Letters‘, we are delighted to announce the launch of a limited edition print by the artist Prafulla Mohanti in October 2022.

The print, entitled Kalika in reference to the all powerful female Hindu goddess Kali or Kalika, comes from an orginal watercolour featuring the artists iconic motif of bright concentric circles. This work, chosen for its seductive, visceral tones, is representative of Prafulla’s spiritually-led painting and drawing practice.

Realised as a giclee print and finished with a silkscreen layer to capture the painterly watercolour bleed. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own work by the artist.

About the Artist
Prafulla Mohanti (b. India, 1936) was born and brought up in the village of Nanpur (Orissa), and moved to England in 1960 after graduating as an architect in Bombay. In 1964 he gained a diploma in town planning at Leeds where in the same year his first solo exhibition of paintings was held. He worked as an architect-planner for the Greater London Council (1965 to 1969) but gave this up to devote himself to painting and writing. His paintings have been exhibited all over the world and are in several private and public collections including the British Museum-London, the Gallery of Modern Art, The Hepworth Wakefield, and ICCR- New Delhi.

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Giclee Print with Fluro Pink Silkscreen
Printed onto Somerset Enhanced Velvet 330
Print Dimensions 70x50cm, image occupies 42 x 57.6cm
Edition of 30 (plus 5 Artist Proofs)
Printed by Harwood King October 2022