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Agnes Poitevin-Navarre

  • CountryFrance
  • Born1969


In her art practice, Agnes Poitevin-Navarre challenges perceptions of cultural, linguistic and racial hybridity. She gives a poetic twist to diagrams, maps, objects in clay, photographs to load these functional, educational and recreational artefacts with subversive symbolism. The beauty and playful nature of her work exists in stark contrast to the deeper political subtext it highlights. The viewer is invited to read and decipher layers of meanings on a conscious and unconscious level. The subject matter: the complexity of human interaction and its geohistorical effects.

Poitevin-Navarre is focusing on her Proust Questionnaire project, a series of anecdotal maps of London entitled ‘The Knowledge – Land of Wisdom & Land of Achievement’ that highlight patterns of collective wisdom.

She graduated with a Master of Arts Degree from the Slade School of Fine Art in 1997 and has since been exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally.