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Onyeka Igwe and J.D. Stokely, Kabe Wilson audio recordings

Audio recordings of the presentations at the January 2015 Stuart Hall Library Research Network Meeting are available below.
The speakers were Onyeka Igwe and J.D. Stokley on Memory, Representation & the Archive: the Use of Autoethnography in Performance & Film, and Kabe Wilson on the Intersectionality of Football Terrace Hate Speech.


Onyeka Igwe: still from her film ‘We need new names’

Onyeka Igwe and J.D. Stokely “Our work is interested in the idea of using archived materials to create a “necessary fiction” that explores the complexities of our ancestral histories. How can we as artists challenge the western simplification and belittling of black history through auto-ethnographic practices?
Kabe Wilson “Through the lens of Stuart Hall’s theory of ‘inferential’ racism, I will unpick the ways in which the complexity of intersectional hate speech means that the essentialist narratives of media and legal assessment remain inadequate tools for responding to it.”

Kabe Wilson: The intersectionality of football terrace hate speech

Read more about their ideas on the Library webpage