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Your library needs you!

Help us build an interactive bibliography with your suggested library materials.

Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity explores and interrogates cultural diversity in the arts in the last 15 years. During the exhibition we are asking all visitors to the Stuart Hall Library to help us build an interactive bibliography composed of your suggestions of library materials.

We want to know:

• What library materials have influenced your research and/or practice.?

• What materials are relevant to you in regards to interrogating/exploring/documenting the topic of cultural diversity?

• What artists and examples of their work in this library have been particularly informative or outstanding?

Your suggestions can be a book, an article, a journal, a person from our artist files, an exhibition catalogue, a monograph, a report, an image, a talk/event, a film, a resource pack, a thesis/dissertation – anything at all from the Stuart Hall Library resource! Please send us your suggested titles with a brief note and comments explaining its importance to you.

You can find out what we have in our library resource by searching our online catalogue

To take part and submit your suggestions for the bibliography you can:

• Fill our a form and hand it to a member of library staff

• Email your suggestions library@iniva.org

• Or leave your suggestions and comments in the comment box for this blog post.

Your contributions will be added to our bibliography and will help us build a working bibliography for the Iniva public with a display of these selected materials throughout the exhibition.