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Reflections on Identity and Difference

A series of experiential art workshops for personal & professional development.

Identity manifests through personal, interpersonal and social experiences. To explore this dynamic interplay, Iniva Creative Learning is pleased to offer a three week evening course led by artist and art psychotherapist Georgina Obaye Evans.
£60 per person; £30 for students and concessions. 
Group size is limited to 10.

Georgina will lead an exploratory series that aims to extend and deepen connections in thinking and experience, offering space for shared learning and individual development. The workshops will ask questions that explore inner worlds and external social frameworks, examine how gender/ race/ sexuality and class intersect in our ‘performance of self’ and how we are mapped by our environment. The workshops offer space to reflect on the impact that these questions have in shaping our identity as experienced by ourselves and by others.

Each weekly session will take a particular focus and approach to explore and identify the connections that we internalise and hold on to: 

Self: Who do you think you are? What shapes your sense of self and how do you perform who you are to the world?

Self and the Other: In what ways do our encounters with others frame our sense of self? How might our gender, race, sexuality and class be framed in relation to people we know, meet or don’t know at all?

Social Structures: How do social institutions frame, enable or limit the flow of our lives? Can we negotiate our sense of self and our encounters with others within and through social frameworks to enhance our impact on the world around us?

We will use selected images from our sets of emotional learning cards as a starting point for self-reflection and group discussion. If you are engaged in a field which includes emotional learning, therapeutic support or creative practice, these workshops can support you in considering approaches to opening up conversations on identity and difference.


Our workshops are currently taking place on Zoom and offer 4.5 Hours Certified CPD.

Image courtesy Sheena Rose I didn't call you to insult me, 2014. From the Emotional Learning card set What do relationships mean to you?