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Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group Call for presenters

Iniva, Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA

The Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group is a monthly forum for creative practitioners and thinkers across the spectrum of artists, designers, curators, writers and activists working with cloth. Setting cloth into the wider contexts of material and visual culture, the Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group provides a space for conversations about the politics of cloth from a distinctively cross-cultural viewpoint. We are looking for exciting and engaging ways of uncovering your research. This might include individual presentations, presentations in pairs, in conversation/dialogue, or presenting a group project.

The meetings will take place in the Stuart Hall Library from 6.30 -9.00pm. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long (2 presenters per session). Suggested themes include;

-cultural translation and difference

-post-coloniality and globalisation

-movement and migration

-Diaspora; social and cultural perspectives

-cultural, racial and gendered identities

-social action and ethical concerns

We welcome contributions on these and other under-represented views and issues within textile cultures and fashion theory. If you are interested in presenting at a future Clothes, Cloth & Culture session, please send a200 word proposal outlining your topic to the Library Manager.

All contributors will also be invited to contribute a reflection on a cloth based object, image or text that is both meaningful at a personal level and responds to the core themes of the group. These conversations or ‘textile narratives’ will be disseminated via the Iniva website. Where possible artefacts will be displayed in the library vitrines, alongside accompanying texts.

Co-convened by Dr. Christine Checinska, Iniva’s second Stuart Hall Library Animateur.

More information                 Library@iniva.org