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Black British Lesbian Timeline

Please check out this amazing interactive archive project created by Nazmia Jamal. From talking to some of our regular library users throughout the years, I’m hoping that this is a project you will really want to get involved with.

The Black British Lesbian Timeline is a new herstory project documenting lesbian, queer and feminist events, groups and publications within black, asian, minority ethnic and refugee communities in the UK.

Your contributions are needed, please visit the blog or contact Nazmia to find out more information. You can add your contributions to the blog, volunteer to collect information or interview someone, or record your own oral history.

This is an opportunity for you to get out your old diaries, fliers, badges, zines, meeting minutes, conference notes, and photos, and make sure these stories are not lost.

You can add dates, events etc directly to the timeline at

For more information, offers of help or advice please email nazmiaijamal@gmail.com