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Artist Anna Boghiguian unpacks

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Anna Boghiguian at Iniva

Artist Anna Boghiguian is exhibiting at Rivington Place from 19 September in Iniva’s next exhibition, Tagore’s Universal Allegories. Having traveled across the globe from India she is working in the gallery to install a brand new commission over the next two weeks.

Anna has been sorting through a collection of her drawings, paintings, sketchbooks, sculptures alongside fabrics and books from Tagore’s college and utopian community, Santiniketan. In our excitement we couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of her unpacking all the work that was brought and sent over.

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Unpacking with Anna Boghiguian


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Anna Boghiguian sculptures and paintings

This installation marks the artist’s first significant showing in the UK. It will feature a small stage which elicits Tagore’s love of theatre, directly referencing his allegorical play, The Post Office. Volumes of Tagore’s poetry, drama, literature and essays on nationalism, internationalism, education and religion will be suspended from the gallery ceiling alongside Boghiguian’s own sketchbooks. The drawings, paintings and embroidered pieces made by Boghiguian recall Tagore’s own artwork and will be displayed around the gallery.

Find out more about the show and artist here.

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Tagore archive photo.