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Announcing: How do we live well with others? Available for pre-order!

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Iniva Creative Learning is delighted to announce the launch of a third boxed set of Emotional Learning Cards entitled ‘How do we live well with others?’

‘How do we live well with others?’ is the latest emotional learning resource in our series.  The images featured are beautiful reproductions of contemporary art pieces selected for their psychological resonance and their visual impact. Each of the 20 cards in the set includes an image on the front and commentary and questions on the reverse.  They have been designed for use by therapists, educators and parents to guide and inspire reflection on how we think about relationships and make sense of our experiences.

It is now widely recognised that well-being in every domain of life depends on successfully building understanding, insight and emotional resilience. Emotional Learning Cards occupy a leading position in the growing fields of emotional learning and psychological therapies, bringing together the extensive experience of Iniva and A Space in both the arts and therapies. Our cards support ‘meaning-making’ as well as challenging often stereotypical ideas about who makes art and what its purpose might be.

The third set of Emotional Learning Cards: How do we live well with others? launching in April 2014 has been developed to raise awareness of our similarities and differences, and their effect on our understanding of others. The set addresses questions including: What has influenced who we are now and how do we make sense of who we are becoming? What are the conscious and unconscious impacts of history, memory, class, race, culture, gender, family and society on our perceptions of ‘self’ and ‘other’?

How do we live well with others? complements our current sets:

Featured Artists: The internationally recognised and emerging artists selected for inclusion are known for their engagement in social or political enquiry. They have all generously agreed to their images being used to spark curiosity, to encourage critical thinking and to open up meaningful dialogue. Artists featured include Faisal Abdu’Allah, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla, Sonia Boyce, NS Harsha, Anish Kapoor, Hew Locke, Chris Ofili, Doris Salcedo, Yinke Shonibare MBE, Do Ho Suh, Fiona Tan & Ai Wei Wei.

How do we live well with others? is available for pre-order NOW from our store and will be dispatched on 24 March 2014. The new set is priced at £12.95 or buy all three sets together for £36.

Written by Jenny Starr