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Heading Description

18 Jun 2012
Kimathi Donkor: Queens of the Undead

Contemporary portraits exploring art history and evoking historic female commanders from Africa or its Diasporas, celebrated for their place in liberation struggles

22 May 2012
Social Archive Two: Fluctuating Economies in Shoreditch

Exploring the contrasting economics of Rivington Place's locale through films made by Undocumentary (artists Shiraz Bayjoo and Jessica Harrington) and the public

Overview of Shoreditch, Shiraz Bayjoo and Undocumentary

14 Feb 2012
Roee Rosen: Vile, Evil Veil

The first UK solo exhibition of Israeli artist, writer and filmmaker Roee Rosen. The exhibition consists of two seminal works: the award winning film 'Out' (Tse) and the installation piece 'Live and Die as Eva Braun'.

6 Feb 2012
Social Fabric Symposium

Discussions, talks and performances around textile production from guest speakers including trade unionists, artists curators and academics

9 Jan 2012
Social Fabric

An exhibition focusing on the textile industry and its relation to capital, labour, colonialism, international trade and radical politics. Contemporary artworks are shown alongside original journals from Marx, Indian Chintz, films and mill workers’ recordings.