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Heading Description

16 Nov 2011
Window Commission 2011: Aboulaye Konaté

Malian artist Abdoulaye Konaté merges political commentary and traditional craftsmanship for this new commission

15 Nov 2012
Militant Image II: Insubordinate Acts

A screening of two films directed by Manuel Faria de Almeida

Napolea Catembreuse

8 Aug 2011
Entanglement: the Ambivalence of Identity

Artists Simon Fujiwara, Anthony Key, Dave Lewis, Nina Mangalanayagam and Navin Rawanchaikul reflect on the complexities of living with more than one culture.

Image of several redords with different colours and names on them

27 May 2011
Social Archive One: An Economic Forecast (Shoreditch)

A project led by artist Shiraz Bayjoo, members of the public become social historians making short films to document stories of people working and living in Shoreditch over 3 years

2 Jun 2011
How Can I (or You) Resist

An exhibition curated by the Inivators - work by emerging artists on the theme of resistance

16 Mar 2011
Possible Damage

The Inivators, and artist Tania El Khoury collaborate on an exhibition archiving the recent student protests accompanied by a series of performances and a public interventions

14 Mar 2011
Rabih Mroué: I, the Undersigned - The People are Demanding

The first solo exhibition in the UK by Lebanese artist, theatre director, playwright and actor, influenced by the ongoing conflicts in Lebanon and the Middle East since the Lebanese Civil War

15 Apr 2011
Rivington Place - London's global art space

An international art gallery situated in the heart of London's fashionable centre, Shoreditch. Its dynamic exhibitions and events engage with new ideas and emerging debates in the visual arts, reflecting the diversity of contemporary society.

26 Oct 2010
Sheela Gowda: Therein & Besides

First solo exhibition in the UK by Bangalore based artist Sheela Gowda at Rivington Place, including a new commission

31 Jan 2011
Document / Image / Memory

Treasures from the Iniva Archive
1 - 12 February 2011