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6 Dec 2007
Rivington Place nominated for South Bank Show award

Iniva and Autograph ABP are thrilled to announce that David Adjaye has been nominated for the 12th annual South Bank Show award for Rivington Place, the first permanent space dedicated to culturally diverse visual arts and photography in the UK

Rivington Place exterior

12 Nov 2007
Iniva presents: mo'lasses III by Philomena Francis

A newly commissioned installation work in treacle
In the front window, Rivington Place, London, UK
5 December 2007 ? 5 January 2008

An detail of one of Francis' installations showing a drawing of a face created using treacle. the treacle has run making the image look more abstract

1 Jan 2007
Rivington Place Print Portfolio Launch

In support of Iniva and Autograph ABP's new building, artists Sonia Boyce, Isaac Julien, Glen Ligon, Hew Locke, Carrie Mae Weems and Chris Ofili have all created new works to feature in a set of 50 limited edition Rivington Place Portfolios.

Digital image with silkscreen cut into 43 pieces and re-collaged into a three-dimensional golden cup

15 Oct 2007
Iniva launches the The Front Room website

With Conversations in the Front Room an evening with the curator Michael McMillan

A sample page from the front room website

3 Oct 2007
Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures

Current exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and Gagosian Gallery are putting pop art firmly in the spotlight, but what does it look like through a post-colonial lens? Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures, a new book edited by Kobena Mercer, provides a much needed exploration of how pop art translates across cultures?

Pop Art book cover

3 Oct 2007
London is the Place for Me

Rivington Place's opening exhibition and event programme

The Rivington Place launch exhibition brings together two visual art forms, photography and moving image, which have transformed contemporary narratives of belonging, in order to explore the presence of many diasporic communities residing in Britain today.

5 October - 24 November 2007

3 Oct 2007
Three firsts for Rivington Place herald a new era for difference in Visual Arts

First publicly funded exhibition space dedicated to cultural diversity

First completed visual arts centre by David Adjaye anywhere in the world

First new build public gallery in London since the Hayward Gallery 40 years ago

3 Oct 2007
Is London The Place for Me?

Create a professional portrait postcard with artist Leticia Valverdes and become part of an Iniva exhibition at Rivington Place
5 ? 27 October 2007

Image from project

25 Jul 2007
Rivington Place - Celebrating Difference

Culmination of 20 year journey for two organisations, Iniva & Autograph ABP

Rivington Place, a new 8m public building, will be the first permanent space dedicated to culturally diverse visual arts in the UK when it opens in London on 5 October.

20 Aug 2007
Why Sculpture, Why Here? At Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern on 5 October

The Henry Moore Institute and Iniva present a unique event, pooling their institutional specialisms to bring together artists from all over the world to interrogate the status of sculpture as a contemporary language.

A sculture of an elephant with a tiger climbing on top

12 Aug 2007
Best of Art Exhibition

For the first time students from the new Young Curators course by Tower Hamlets Summer University and inIVA present Best of Art. The exhibition, hosted by Summer Uni London at Rich Mix, will present the public with the most outstanding artworks by young artists throughout London, ranging from photography to manga arts, painting to sonic art.

4 Jun 2007
inIVA presents Candy Pop & Juicy Lucy on Tour by Chila Burman

All roll up to the ice-cream van!

This summer inIVA will bring a deliciously fun mixture of ice-cream, art and music to East London with Candy Pop & Juicy Lucy on Tour a new participatory art project and exhibition, toured in an ice-cream van.

Collage with a mint ice-cream cornet and two tiger faces set on a colourful abstract background

1 Mar 2007
Shades of Black wins Historians of British Art Book Prize

inIVA is pleased to announce that Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain has won The Historians of British Art Book Prize. It is the first publication to focus exclusively on black arts to win this prestigious prize, since it was established in 1996.

cover of book with orange, black and grey squares and words 'Shades of Black'

1 Feb 2007
Snout - a ?carnival? performance and public forum

On 10 April 2007 artists, producers, performers and computer programmers demonstrate how to create wearable technologies from scavenged media, which sniff out the invisible gases that affect our everyday environment.

a plague doctor dressed in balck cloack and hat with long white beak and Punch (from Punch & Judy) with red costume and large hooked nose

1 Jan 2007
Terrain by Gonkar Gyatso

Opening 2?8 March, this exhibition displays works created by Gonkar Gyatso and students from Shacklewell Primary School during an artist residency. The artists and students used visual tagging, inscription and territorial marking to explore issues relating to space, identity and culture.

Cut out shapes of three silloettes of figures leaping and doing somersaults are in yellow and red are set on a blue background. There is writing inside the silloettes