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In this collection of texts delivered at three one-day seminars of the same title, artists, designers and critics explore how technology, in all its manifestations, is transforming our lives at the end of 20th century. These critical debates analyse the economic, political and global forces that continually inform art practice in both Western and non-Western contexts.

Dunne + Ray, Susan Hiller, Takahiko Iimura, Gustav Metzger, Annie-mie Van Kerckhovenm Denise Robinson, Olu Oguibe, Professor Marco Susani, Professor Lola Young, Françoise Vergès, Theodore Zeldin

Annotations series
Iniva’s Annotations series assembles art and ideas that have existed previously in a different context. These short accessible volumes are perfect introductions to some of the issues at the heart of current critical debate.

Other titles in the series
Cedric Price Retriever
Modernity and Difference, Stuart Hall and Sarat Maharaj
Run Through the Jungle: Selected Writings by Eddie Chambers
Steve Ouditt: Creole in-site
Sonia Boyce: Performance
Mixed Belongings and Unspecified Destinations


ISBN: 1-899846-16-6
Softback, 225 x 165mm
30 illustrations
Iniva, 1998