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Purchase a set of Emotional Learning Cards and receive a discount on the Reflecting on Feelings prompt cards set. Cards can be used together or separately to support emotional learning at school, home and in therapy and counselling sessions. Why not take advantage of this special offer and save over 25%.



Emotional Learning Card Set

– 30 colour image cards

– On the front: an image of a contemporary artwork by a culturally diverse artist.

– On the back: open questions and discussion prompts around the theme of ‘What do you feel?’

– Suggestions for using the cards in different contexts such as school, home, gallery workshops and individual group therapy settings are offered in a fold-out leaflet.

 Reflecting on Feelings Card Set

 – 40 prompt cards that help open up conversations around a wide range of thoughts and feeling, selected to help build a more extensive emotional vocabulary

 – For use with all ages, in individual and group sessions and are adaptable for general or more personal sharing depending on context