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Tan Jones Ayesha

  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Born1993


Ayesha Tan Jones’ work is a spiritual practice that seeks to fuse activism and art to present an alternative, queer, optimistic dystopia. They work through ritual, meditating through craft, and building forms from their dreams. Ayesha approaches activism through art, creating diverse, eco-conscious narratives that aim to connect, enthral and induce audiences to think more sustainably and ethically. Traversing pop music, sculpture, alter-egos, digital image and video work, Ayesha sanctifies these mediums as tools in their craft. 

Ayesha is the founder of Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, a physical and meta-physical self-defence class for women, non-binary people and QTIPoC, combining Brazilian JuJitsu and magical/medicinal herbalism to create a holistic approach to self-defence. They also graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 2016, and was awarded the Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s graduate residency award. This culminated with a show in March 2017. 

Ayesha presented ‘Research Network: Optimystic Dystopia’ in 2019, a performative talk in conversation with artist and writer susan pui san lok exploring the spiritual practice of self-care in an alternative, queer, optimistic dystopia. 

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