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Podcasts from ‘The Subversive Stitch Revisited: the Politics of Cloth’


Podcasts from 'The Subversive Stitch Revisited: the Politics of Cloth'

Hey Paul Studios, Uterus Embroidery (CC BY 2.0)

Members of our Clothes Cloth and Culture Group will be excited to see that Goldsmiths have made available audio recordings of the speakers at The Subversive Stitch Revisited: the Politics of Cloth event as podcasts on their website.

Amongst the other recordings, you will be able to listen to the presentation by Dr. Christine Checinska, the Second Stuart Hall Library Animateur. Christine was a speaker at the Goldsmiths event which was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in November 2013. Her presentation was entitled Second Skins: cloth, difference and the art of transformation. Both Christine and Iniva contributed to the planning of the event.


The event was dedicated to the memory of  Rozsika Parker, the author of  The Subversive Stitch: embroidery and the making of the feminine (1984). The keynote speaker was Professor  Griselda Pollock, who collaborated work with Parker during the 1980s to produce key feminist art texts.