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At the forefront of debate around cultural difference and innovative arts practice. Extensively illustrated and beautifully designed, these books are essential reading for the critically engaged.
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Annotating Art's Histories series

photograph of book cover

Cosmopolitan Modernisms

Edited by Kobena Mercer

Annotating Art's Histories series

photo of book showing Zarina Bhimji image

Exiles, Diasporas & Strangers

Edited by Kobena Mercer

Annotating Art's Histories series

Discrepant Abstraction

Edited by Kobena Mercer

Annotating Art's Histories series

photograph of Pop Art book cover

Pop Art and Vernacular Cultures

Edited by Kobena Mercer

States of Exchange catalogue cover

States of Exchange / Estados de Intercambio

Edited by Gerardo Mosquera and Cylena Simonds

front cover of Alien Nation book

Alien Nation

Edited by John Gill, Jens Hoffmann and Gilane Tawadros

green box with Signals magazines

Signals Magazine 1964-1966

Edited by David Medalla
Boxed-set facsimile of 10 issues

photo of A Fruitful Incoherence showing front cover

A Fruitful Incoherence: Dialogues with Artists on Internationalism

Edited by Gavin Jantjes in association with Rohini Malik, Steve Bury, Gilane Tawadros

photo of Rhapsodies book showing cover

Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance

Martina Attille, David A. Bailey, Andrea D. Barnwell, Simon Callow, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Paul Gilroy, Richard, J. Powell, Jeffrey C. Stewart

photo of Offside book showing woman on  cover playing football

Offside! Contemporary Artists and Football

John Gill, Simon Kuper, Richard Williams

photo of Boxer book showing front cover

Boxer: An Anthology of Writings on Boxing and Visual Arts Practice

Edited by David Chandler, John Gill, Tania Guha, Gilane Tawadros

photo of Drawing book showing front cover

Drawing Space: Contemporary Indian Drawing

Grant Watson, Suman Gopinath, Divia Patel, Graham Parlett, Guy Mannes Abbott, Dan Rycroft

photograph of book cover

Mirage: Enigmas of Race, Difference and Desire

Kobena Mercer and David A. Bailey

photo of Time Machine book showing cover

Time Machine: Ancient Egypt and Contemporary Art

James Putnam and W. Vivian Davies


photo of Parisien(ne)s book showing cover


Hou Hanru

photo of Magnet showing cover


Edited by Gilane Tawadros

Iniva Review

Edited by David Chandler and Gilane Tawadros