Iniva Creative Learning

Dedicated to providing creative and emotional learning resources, workshops and projects for use in schools, therapy settings or at home, Iniva Creative Learning is a dynamic partnership between Iniva and A Space.


Who we are...
Iniva Creative Learning has been developed from a long-term partnership between the Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva) and art therapy service A Space. Our experience comes from nearly 10 years of jointly delivering art education and therapy services for schools and community groups in East London.  

Iniva Creative Learning is born out of the belief that contemporary art can stimulate and challenge our understanding of the world around and within us. We produce and distribute art focused learning resources for use by teachers, counsellors, therapists and parents who are seeking new ways of supporting young and vulnerable people to make sense of their lives, experiences and emotions.

Emotional Learning Cards
It is now widely recognised that well-being in every domain of life depends on successfully building understanding, insight and emotional resilience. Emotional Learning Cards occupy a leading position in the growing fields of emotional learning and psychological therapies, bringing together the extensive experience of Iniva and A Space in both the arts and therapies. Our cards support ‘meaning-making' as well as challenging often stereotypical ideas about who makes art and what its purpose might be.

OUT NOW: Our fifth set of Emotional Learning Cards 'A-Z of Leadership'

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