Artist focused

Dedicated to single artists, these books provide in-depth explorations into their work and are often the only significant publications to document their careers.
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Cedric Price Retriever

Edited by Eleanor Bron and Samantha Hardingham

photo of Sutapa Biswas book showing cover

Sutapa Biswas

Ian Baucom, Sutapa Biswas, Guy Brett, Laura Mulvey, Griselda Pollock, Moira Roth, Stephanie Snyder


Sonia Boyce

photo of Familiars book showing front cover

Familiars: Hamad Butt

Hamad Butt, Stephen Foster, Sarat Maharaj

photo of Atvarjeet Dhanjal book showing front cover

Avtarjeet Dhanjal

Brian McAvera

photo of Li Yuan-chia book showing cover

Li Yuan-chia: tell me what is not yet said

Guy Brett and Nick Sawyer

photo of Shen Yuan book showing cover

Shen Yuan

Martina Köppel-Yang, Hou Hanru and Evelyne Jouanno, Gilane Tawadros, Shen Yuan

photo of Filter showing cover


Mary Evans

photo of Philip Lai book showing cover

Phillip Lai

Francis McKee and Karina Daskalov

photo of Heri Dono book showing front cover

Heri Dono

Edited by David Elliott and Gilane Tawadros

Out of print

photo of Aubrey Williams book showing front cover

Aubrey Williams

Guy Brett, Andrew Dempsey, Anne Walmsley, Denis Williams