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We’ve created a wish list of rare material that we can’t find for sale anywhere, including important documentation relating to Black British artists.


This wish list will be updated regularly and isn't intended to be comprehensive. A pdf version is available at the bottom of the page to download or print. We're actively collecting around art and cultural identity and looking for material about individual artists, collectives, curators, galleries and exhibitions. If you have relevant material, please get in touch with

Wish List - Stuart Hall Library Updated January 2017

Rare exhibition catalogues and ephemera
5 Black Women (1983) exhibition at the Africa Centre Gallery
Chobi Mela: Difference Unframed (2000) international festival of photography
D-Max (1987) exhibition at Ikon Gallery and The Photographer's Gallery
Dislocations : Simone Alexander, Zarina Bhimji, Mona Hatoum, Ruth Lakofski, Derek Mawudoku, Peter Robinson, and Veronica Ryan (1987) exhibition at Kettle's Yard gallery
Documentation from the Black Arts Gallery (1983-9?) Sphinxx A Black Photographic Herstory (1987) and African Gardens (1993) (we recently received Heart in Exile (1983) a most welcome donation).
Documentation from Elbow Room gallery (1986-89?)
Documentation from the Greenwich Peoples Gallery especially the Jagrati (1986) exhibition
Documentation from the Horizon Gallery (1987- 1991) especially the ‘In Focus' (1990) exhibitions
Documentation from the Keskidee Centre (1971-1991)
Documentation from the Rich Women of Zurich gallery (1998-2000)
Earthen Shades Paintings by Shanti Panchal (1988) exhibition at Bradford Art Gallery
John Cleal's Zulu (1987) exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre
Leo Asemota: Skeletons of Fish (2001)
Palaces of Culture (1987) exhibition at Stoke-on-Trent City Museum and Art Gallery
Rasheed Araeen: Homecoming (2014) exhibition at VM Art Gallery
Rasheed Araeen: Before and After Minimalism (2014) exhibition at Sharjah Art Foundation
Rasheed Araeen: Strife and/or Structure (1993) exhibition at Fukuoka Art Museum
Treatise on the Sublime. Maud Sulter and Lubaina Himid (1990) exhibition at California State University
Maud Sulter curated exhibition catalogues including Calabash of Dreams (1990), Borderless Print (1993), Columbus Drowning (1992), Proverbs for Adwoa (1993)
Winnifred Nicholson, Flower Tales, Brampton: LYC Press, 1976. From £200 

The Black House (2006) photography book by Colin Jones
The Black Cover Book (1994), The White Cover Book (1995) and The Grey Cover Book (1997) - Xu Bing, Zeng Xiaojun, Ai Weiwei
The Triumph of Icarus: Life and Art of Rasheed Araeen (2014) monograph edited by Jean Fisher
The Japanese Box. Facsimile reprint of six rare photographic publications of the Provoke era (2001)
Roots and Culture: Cultural Politics in the Making of Black Britain (2016) by Eddie Chambers

Magazines and journals
Artrage: inter-cultural arts magazine (Nos. 1, 27, 28)
Blackboard (Nos. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and all un-numbered issues 1985-1989 except Spring 1986; Summer/Autumn 1986)
Black Arts in London (Nos.42- 48, 50,51, 78,84,86,89,90,93,101,115,116,118-120,127,134,137,141-145,148)
Black Art: An International Quarterly (Vol.5 No. 1)
Black Orpheus (1957-1993, Vol. 1, No.1 - Vol. 6, No.2)
Cabinet (1-12 and 26-27)
CAM Newsletter (1967-70, No. 1-12) Journal of the Caribbean Arts Movement
City Limits Magazine (1986 and 1988, Issues 256 and 343)
The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCALagos Nos. 1-7)
Depart (2010-2016, Nos. 1-16)
Echo: Living Arts in Britain's Ethnic Communities (1977-82, Nos. 1-47)
FAN: Feminist Art News (1980-1993) Vol.2 no.9 - no.10 (1989); Vol.3 no.1- no. 4, no.6 - no.10 (1990-91); Vol.4 no.1-no.5.(1992).
Jamini: International Arts Quarterly (2003-2009)
Metronome: Inter-cultural Publication of the Visual Arts (2001-2007, Nos. 3,7,8 &11)
Nigeria Magazine (1930-1990)
Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art (Nos. 1, 8)
Provoke (1968-1969)
Race Today (especially Vol. 17, No. 5, June/July 1987; Oct./Nov. 1987; Jan 1986; No. 38, Mar. 1975; No. 37, Feb 1975).
Savacou: a Journal of the Caribbean Artists Movement (Nos. 2,3,4,6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13, 14/15)
Shirakaba (1910-1923)
Small Axe: a Caribbean Journal of Criticism (Nos. 7, 24, 26, 27)
Spare Rib (especially no. 230, Dec 1991-Jan1992 and no. 220 Feb 1991)
Temporary Hoarding (1977-1980)
Uso: Nigerian Journal of Art (Nos. 1-3, 1995-2001)
West Indian Digest (September 1987)

Audio Visual
David Dabydeen's Art of Darkness (broadcast ITV,1987)
The Power of Art : Women's Voices in Africa and Recalling the Future/Art in Contemporary Africa (2008) DVD by Claudine Pommier

Photographic documentation
Many important exhibitions associated with the Black Arts Movement and other pioneering artists have gone largely undocumented and our knowledge of them relies on the minimal descriptive information available or personal recollections of those involved. We're keen to actively seek out any other documentation such as photographs that will help reconstruct this critical history.
Please contact with any enquiries.

Wish list: Stuart Hall Library Jan 2017


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