Clothes, Cloth and Culture Group

Fashion, textiles, society, culture, politics

Christine Checinska. 'Untitled', 2002.

Christine Checinska. 'Untitled', 2002.

The Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group is a forum started by Dr Christine Checinska-Shaw in 2014 for creative practitioners and thinkers across the spectrum of artists, designers, curators, writers and activists working with cloth. Setting cloth into the wider contexts of material and visual culture, the Clothes, Cloth & Culture Group provides a space for conversations about the politics of cloth from a distinctively cross-cultural viewpoint.

The group aims;

  •  to examine the legacy of Stuart Hall and the impact of the Birmingham School on the cultural studies of clothes
  •  to generate new ideas around clothes and cloth from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective
  •  to bring a critical eye to the current focus on ‘global fashion' and ‘transnational textiles'
  •  to interrogate the ways in which clothes and cloth help us to think about culture, society and politics

It has continued in 2016 with a series of conversations between artists and Dr Christine Checinska-Shaw. Recurrent themes have included; cultural translation and difference, cultural, racial and gendered identities, post-coloniality, globalization, movement and migration, diaspora social and cultural histories, clothes, cloth and the body as well as social action and ethical concerns.

Recordings of past events can be found in the news section of the library website. A special issue of Textile: the Journal of Cloth and Culture, (Bloomsbury Publications), is currently in press.

Dr Christine Shaw-Checinska Is a designer, writer and curator. Christine's work is situated at the meeting point between material culture and contemporary art. She writes about the relationship between cloth, culture and race. The cultural exchanges that occur as a result of movement and migration, creating creolised cultural forms, are her recurring themes. The correlation between personal history and received history is an ongoing interest. She is currently an Associate Researcher at VIAD, University of Johannesburg and an Associate Lecturer in fashion at Goldsmiths,London. As a creative designer, Christine has created womenswear collections for a number of iconic British brands including Margaret Howell.Her natural design flair and creative energy has seen her anticipating new trends, styling press launches, fashion shows and shoots, alongside mentoring emerging fashion practitioners. 

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