Jun 2001 – Oct 2001

written by Gilane Tawadros


Are you a tourist or a traveller? Do you travel for work, holidays, sex or art? Do you travel by plane, bus, car, train or are your travels flights of the imagination? Does travelling broaden your mind or limit your horizons? Are you more at home in another country or do you feel a stranger in your own land?

This summer, inIVA presents Tourist (June - October 2001), a season of exhibitions, events and online projects which explore the pleasure and pain of tourism at home and abroad. Taking the vantage point of the tourist-traveller, this season maps out different journeys, making the familiar unfamiliar, the exotic mundane and the everyday extraordinary.

In July, we launch two website projects and our own newly redesigned website. Touring London investigates the role of the artist as tourist in which artists Tim Brennan, Isaac Julien & Zeigam Azizov, Emma Kay, Deborah Levy, Erika Tan, Cai Yuan & Jian Ju Xi, take a tour of London's Bloomsbury district. Travellers' Tales invites viewers to make journeys further afield as artists Suky Best, Gaye Chan, Eugenio Dittborn, Song Dong, Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo, Keith Khan, Shimabuku and Anne Tallentire present works inspired by a travel experience, real or imagined.

Later on in the month, we launch the first major solo exhibition of Paris-based artist Shen Yuan whose work transforms everyday objects into poetic, and often disturbing, meditations on questions around migration, memory and language. Preoccupied with the transformation of words and images, Shen Yuan's works could be seen as the physical residues of travels and translations across different cultural spaces. Including two major new commissions as well as works made over the past decade, this exhibition takes place simultaneously at the Arnolfini, Bristol, and Chisenhale, London.

Over the course of the summer, TheSpace@inIVA hosts the work of two artists: During June and July, Colombian artist Carlos Blanco presents a new work, incorporating his dramatic inflatables, that comments on the turbulent political and social issues within Colombia and elsewhere. In September and October, Iranian-born artist Farah Bajull will be making new performance and video pieces that continue her interest in the female body and the feminine.

In June, inIVA hosts the launch of a new magazine Magnet, the first public venture of Magnet, a group of artists and curators from different parts of the world, dedicated to making critical interventions in contemporary art in a global context. Magnet - the magazine - is the first venture of the group and its launch is timed to coincide with the Venice Biennale 2001. The first issue of the magazine focuses on the notion of 'non-place' and reflects the group's idea of a 'mobile biennial' comprising ideas and artworks that are not constrained to a single geographical location or format. In October, inIVA and Routledge jointly launch The Bodies that Were Not Ours, a new volume of writings by Coco Fusco that takes readers on a tour of our current 'multicultural' landscape and examines the impact of globalisation on the making of art.

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