May 2004 – Dec 2004

written by Gilane Tawadros


In 2004, inIVA celebrates its tenth birthday and looks forward to an exciting new future. Our plans for a new home (with Autograph ABP) on Rivington Place, EC2, are taking shape and our architect David Adjaye has developed some fantastic designs for the new building which will open in 2007. Inevitably, the challenge of building a new and permanent home for inIVA has become a pressing and practical issue for the organisation and it also raises questions about identity, space and place that have been recurrent themes in inIVA's artistic programme. site - our new season of exhibitions and events that takes place between May and December 2004 - takes these questions as a central theme. The season explores the notion of a site as a physical location - a marker of a specific place, home or presence - but also site as origin and identity - an emotional and mental space which helps define who you are. These two aspects are of course related. They come together in radically different ways in the daily struggle of millions of people across the world to secure a permanent and safe place to live and in contemporary Western aspirations to embody personal identity in lifestyle and in the style of living.

In the autumn, we are presenting a unique project by David Adjaye - Length x Width x Height - a site-specific installation that physically maps the site of our new home, inviting visitors on a journey through space and light that registers the conditions of the site on Rivington Place, both physically and emotionally. No architect has previously developed a project like this; namely, creating a structure which allows people to experience physically and reflect emotionally on the possibilities of a new building which is going to be constructed on the same site. Working with artists and architects, Year 6 students from different primary schools in Hackney explore the siting of the new Mossbourne Community Academy and reflect on the social and spatial displacements in their neighbourhood in an education project entitled Touchstones. Timed to coincide with Architecture Week, inIVA (in collaboration with the RSA) hosts a discussion on Architecture, Globalisation and Diversity. How do questions of race and cultural identity impact on architectural design and practice?

In May, in collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella, inIVA presents two newly commissioned works by the artist Sutapa Biswas. Invoking the passing of time and the rites of passage provoked by birth and death, Biswas's poetic new films will be premiered at Cafe Gallery Projects, London, subsequently touring to major venues in the UK and US. The first major monograph to be published on Biswas will be launched by inIVA to coincide with the launch of the exhibition. In November, we present the first UK screening of Janine Antoni's intimate film Ready or Not, Here I Come. An important work in the development of Antoni's distinctive oeuvre, the film plays out, in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary, the drama of family psychological and sexual relationships. In June, in collaboration with LIFT, we host a discussion with The Atlas Group exploring ideas around their recent audiovisual and textual work that investigates the events and experiences surrounding the use of car bombs in the Lebanese Wars. Running for a year from July 2004, The Window is an interactive large-scale screen located in railway stations in Pakistan and London, which will allow viewers in both countries to interact with each other via a live audio and video stream. Using technology to bridge physical distances and make connections with those on the other side of the world, The Window sets out to rethink ideas about migration, memory and travel.

To conclude our tenth birthday year, inIVA will publish a unique anthology of essays and artworks entitled Changing States: Contemporary Art and Ideas in an Era of Globalisation. Seen through the prism of a decade of artistic programming by inIVA, the book examines the most pressing issues that have driven international contemporary art from 1994 to 2004.

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