Atlas II
Apr 2006 – Oct 2006

written by Cary Rajinder Sawhney


Kabir Hussain Hangrou

Welcome to our on-going Atlas season, which builds on our continued charting and investigation of ideas and experiences that remain largely un-mapped in the public domain.

Our forthcoming presentations include a showing of the exquisite bronzes of sculptor Kabir Hussain who explores foodstuffs - garlic, ginger, bindi - as fragile artefacts of his cultural identity, from homeland Pakistan to contemporary life in the UK.

The inIVA publications series, Annotating Art's Histories, including new titles Cosmopolitan Modernisms and Discrepant Abstraction, will interrogate viewpoints of western art practice from alternative global perspectives. Thresholds and Terrain are education workshops which explore art practice and art therapy by engaging artists and students at a pivotal stage between primary and secondary school.

The culmination of Threshold workshops is a new installation by Faisal Abdu'Allah and Charlie Dark where light and sounds are interweaved to explore how a physical environment relates to our emotional experiences and imprints into our memory.

Atlas II will also challenge what are accepted as historical 'facts', or 'unassailable truths', as portrayed by the seemingly 'universal' viewpoints presented by dominant media and culture.

A forthcoming residency of the Delhi-based Raqs Media Collective at inIVA will contest and question the conventional historically perceived relationship between the UK and India.

Another Country is a pioneering, year-long community arts project set in Warwickshire where artists Charlie Dark, Trevor Mathison and Perveen Chohan will work with local agencies to challenge traditional perceptions of public and participatory arts within the English countryside.

Photographer/artist Idris Khan, through his dizzying over-lays of images, Koranic texts and classical music scores, evokes the elusiveness of perception and fleeting nature of how we experience events and remember them. His exhibition at inIVA will include a newly-commissioned film piece.

Long awaited, a volume of selected writings by internationally-acclaimed thinker Sarat Maharaj, entitled Work in Pregross, focuses on his experimental work that has breached the boundaries of contemporary art historical writing.

Adventures Online 1996-2006 - a web-based project - reflects on a decade of inIVA's cutting-edge online activities that emerged from an exciting fusion of crossdisciplinary collaborations in new and emerging media.

Practitioners covered include Keith Piper, Freddie Robbins, Mary Evans and Franklyn Rodgers (whose X-Space project will be available online during 2006).

Many changes are taking place at inIVA, from the fond farewell to our founding Director of 11 years, Gilane Tawadros, and the recent appointment of our new Director, Dr Augustus (Gus) Casely-Hayford, to the beginning of construction of our exciting new home - Rivington Place - that we will share with Autograph ABP, supported by the Arts Council England Lottery Capital 2 Programme, and Barclays Bank PLC as our founding corporate partner.

In the virtual world, we have constructed the inIVA/shop where you will be able to buy our full range of publications and stunning limited edition prints. Also new is the E-genda, inIVA's new subscriber e-bulletin, which will be disseminated throughout the year, allowing you to keep in touch with inIVA's latest developments.

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