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Shen Yuan

painting of 1 blue fish; photo of box installation

This is the first solo exhibition of artist Shen Yuan's work in the UK, comprising newly commissioned installations and individual sculptural works.
21 Jul – 02 Feb 2002

Farah Bajull: Untying the Knot

Farah Bajull, Runninout

Farah Bajull's residency exhibition at The Sp@ce represents a compelling merger of divergent visual forms: ranging from carefully constructed objects to stand-alone photographs. Alongside the charged, invigorated nature of her subject matter this fusion of procedures defines Bajull's work.
29 Jun – 25 Oct 2001

Carlos Blanco: La Cruda Realidad - Raw Reality

Columbian artist Carlos Blanco presents two-metre tall plastic inflatable masks representing characters from Colombia. Attached to air pumps, the heads inflate and deflate, both in relation to each other and according to the size of each character's ego.

19 Jun – 19 Jul 2001

Flow Motion: Dissolve

Taking Michelangelo Antonioni's film 'Zabriskie Point' (1968) as its contextual starting point, Flow Motion have created a digital audiovisual installation. The group Flow Motion includes: Eddie George, Trevor Mathison and Anna Piva.

06 Mar – 05 Apr 2001

Cedric Price: Drawings

Cedric Price's lateral approach to architecture and to time-based urban interventions, has ensured that his work has an enduring influence on contemporary architects and artists.

Taking the view that architecture should be enabling, liberating and life-enhancing, his projects were governed by the belief that architecture must ?enable people to think the unthinkable?.

17 Jan – 23 Feb 2001

Li Yuan-chia

two photos of installation

Li Yuan-chia's work embraces the ordinary and the everyday at the same time as it offers a glimpse into the cosmic and the universal.

B52: Multimedia

Jamie Wagg's work has explored the validity and relevance of critical practice In relation to history painting. His project for X-Space involved the construction of a full-size representation of a B52 bomber, carrying air-launched cruise missiles.
01 Jan – 01 Feb 2001


Waseen Khan's project builds on his interest and preoccupation with a low/high-tech hybrid to create new video and sound work on the Web.
01 Jan 1970

Joining the Dots: the Schools Programme Archive: Multimedia

Artist Maria Amidu has been working, in collaboration with multimedia designer Michael Uwemedimo and in dialogue with pupils and teachers at Acland Burghley School, to create an Interactive web-based work that will evaluate, archive and re-present inIVA's five-year Schools Programme.
01 Jan – 01 Feb 2001

Touring London

Touring London is a web-based project, edited by Oliver Sumner, which investigates the role of the artist as tourist.
01 Jan – 01 Jul 2001

Travellers' Tales: Multimedia

Travellers' Tales is a web-based project, for which eight international artists were invited to make a work inspired by a travel experience, real or imagined. From remembered moments and strange encounters to an artist's wandering thoughts while journeying across continents, the works take a variety of forms. Playful and poignant, some works tell stories, through images and texts, while others capture the essence of a moment. Designed by Hyperkit, Travellers' Tales is a web-based visual and textual 'map' that invites viewers to make journeys all over the world. Artists: Suky Best, Gaye Chan, Eugenio Dittborn, Song Dong, Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo, Shimabuku and Anne Tallentire.
01 Jan – 01 Jul 2001

Aaron Williamson: untitled

Five Smokin' Televisions

As an artist I feel that my engagement with performance, objects, language and space is entirely transformed through the experience of becoming profoundly deaf over the course of some twenty years. Informed by this radical personal alteration, my art practice finds co-ordinates within an interdisciplinary approach to the arts that allows an emphasis on disability rather than on valorising ability in the traditional disciplinary/craft sense.
01 Feb – 01 May 2001