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Creole in-site: Steve Ouditt: Multimedia

The Trinidadian artist Steve Ouditt wrote an on-line diary for inIVA's website. Combining both images and text, Ouditt's writing reflects the artist's concerns from the prosaic to the poetic.
01 Jan – 06 Jun 1997

DARE - CD-ROM: Multimedia

The Digital Art Resource for Education (DARE) Primary CD-ROM is a multimedia art and education resource, created with and for children aged 5-10. Interactive, accessible and playful, the CD features a number of contemporary international artists, along with the children's video, voices and artwork. It offers a range of activities across the curriculum and includes a supporting booklet for parents and teachers.
01 Jan 1970

enTRANSit: Multimedia

This site is based on a discussion between artist Steve Ouditt and inIVA's Gilane Tawadros which explores cultural translation using Sarat Maharaj's essay "Perfidious Fidelity: The Untranslatability of the Other" as its starting point. This site is the first in a series of sister sites which create new channels of communication and exchange between international artists, curators and critics.
01 Jan – 01 Dec 1997

Excavating the site: Multimedia

This on-line studio incorporates work-in-progress for Relocating the Remains (an interactive exhibition held at the Royal College of Art in 1997 and tour), the artistĀ?s CV and existing and new works made specifically for the Internet.
01 Jan – 01 Jul 1997

Filter Website: Multimedia

Mary EvansĀ? Filter, made in collaboration with John Lundberg, is a multi-faceted journey of play and discovery which visitors can view passively or explore interactively as they wish. It was made to coincide with the exhibition launch concluding Mary Evans' six-month residency at Leighton House Museum and Art Gallery in October 1997.
01 Jan – 01 Oct 1997

In the Cut and Mix: Possibilities in Collage, Multimedia and Digital Technologies: Multimedia

This is a full transcript of a panel discussion with Gary Stewart, Keith Piper and Kobena Mercer. It took part at the Royal College of Art, London on 5 August 1997 and formed part of a series of talks accompanying the exhibition 'Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains'.
01 Jan – 01 Sep 1997

Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains CD ROM: Multimedia

The CD-ROM that accompanies the monograph Keith Piper: Relocating the Remains.
01 Jan – 01 Jul 1997

Rebirth: Multimedia

This project is a creative sound piece made in response to a recording of the discussion between the artists Jacob Lawrence and Frank Bowling and the curator Thelma Golden as part of the Dialogues across the Black Atlantic series, linked to the exhibition 'Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance.' In their discussion, the artists reflected on what it means to be a black artist in New York in the 1930's and 1960's.
01 Jan – 01 Nov 1997

Avtarjeet Dhanjal

This exhibition brought together a range of works produced by Avtarjeet Dhanjal's after his arrival in Britain from India in the early 1970s. It combined sculptures from three distinct phases in his career, previously unexhibited drawings and newly commissioned installations.
08 Aug – 20 Sep 1997

Mary Evans: Filter

During a six-month residency at Leighton House Mary Evans investigated the sign system and explored possibilities of redefining these icons and visual codes through a number of discrete interventions in the House.
30 Apr – 30 Sep 1997

Phillip Lai

In collaboration with The Showroom, the Institute co-commissioned a new installation by this young British artist who graduated from Chelsea School of Art and Design in 1994. Two distinct but linked environments were created for the show exploring the idea of 'fluid states'; one a working soy-sauce fermentation unit and the other a room of 'automatic' drawings on the gallery walls.

26 Feb – 30 Mar 1997

A Quality of Light

Fourteen artists from the UK and abroad were commissioned to make work for specific sites in and around St. Ives in response to the theme the quality of light - a notion that underpins some of the more mythic constructions of Cornwall as an artists' colony.
01 Jan 1970

Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance

Rhapsodies in Black is a touring show that intends to challenge conventional representations of the Harlem Renaissance to provoke new readings of the period from a contemporary perspective.
19 Jun – 17 Aug 1997

Donald Rodney: AUTOICON

29 Nov – 29 Nov 1999

Louise Wilson: Oneironaut

phorograph of metal capsule attached to wall

30 Aug – 29 Sep 1997


Contemporary Artists and Football
17 Jun – 26 Sep 1997