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Drawing Machine: Multimedia

Indika Perera?s Drawing Machine explores the space between the real and the virtual by charting online the development of an artwork made by the artist in ?real? space and time.
01 Jan – 01 Nov 1996

Fustigator: Multimedia

The artist Simon Tegala maps an alien landscape which reveals, on the click of the mouse at selected locations, a number of works made by the artist. Images, sounds and animations lead the viewer through the site following no obvious narrative or linear passage, as the images are intended not to be 'read' in their juxtaposition but negotiated as elements in a landscape.
01 Jan – 01 Nov 1996

Heri Dono: Blooming in Arms

An artist's residency and exhibition for one of Indonesia's most established installation and performance artists.
14 Jan – 11 Feb 1996

Maps Elsewhere

The exhibition brought together newly commissioned work by a group of artists concerned with ideas about maps and mapping.
23 Mar – 28 Apr 1996

Offside! Contemporary Artists & Football

This exhibition comprised newly commissioned and recent work by thirteen artists from Argentina, Britain, Colombia and Mexico. Using photography, video, painting and installation, the artists referenced the imagery and text of football to explore the cultural environment of the game.
18 Jun – 27 Sep 1997


Exhibition that brought together the work of nine artists who, whilst living and working in Paris, originated from different countries. Their work explores ideas around location and dislocation, within and across the cultural and geographical boundaries of the European metropolis.
07 Feb – 27 Mar 1996

UNESCO-ASCHBERG Artists' Bursaries

The International Residency Programme at the Gasworks Artists Studios offered the opportunity for artists outside from the UK to work in London for a period of up to three months. Through a unique collaboration between the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA), UNESCO's International Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Gasworks Artists Studios, the invited artists worked alongside UK based artists, encouraging a dialogue and exchange between different cultures.

01 Nov – 13 Aug 2000

The Visible and the Invisible

A large-scale contemporary art initiative through a series of satellite exhibitions, installations and events occurring simultaneously in 'non-art sites' in the London Euston area.
21 Sep – 26 Oct 1996

Birds and Fish in the freezer: Omega Ludenyi and Esterio Segura Mora

Taking part in the Aschberg/UNESCO residency programme in winter, artists Omega Ludenyi and Esterio Segura Mora derived the title of their exhibition from the idea that creative spirits are embodied in the freedom of the birds and the fish.
31 Jan – 10 Feb 1996