Practice International

An initiative of CasCo (Utrecht), Iaspis (Stockholm), and Iniva


Atelier of Issa Samb, Dakar, 2013. Photo: Binna Choi.

Practice International is a research project; a collaboration led by Iniva with Iaspis (Sweden), Casco (Netherlands) and Raw Material (Dakar). It asks how, in today's globalized art world, art institutions should position themselves as spaces for the production and contemplation of art that is independent of market driven forces or bureaucratization, and focuses instead on the informal, personal connections forged by artists themselves.

Practice International collaborates with artists who operate internationally yet at the same time challenge the very idea of the artist as an "international subject" who is easily able to communicate to a global audience. These artists, such as Issa Samb (Senegal), David Medalla,

The Otolith Group and global collective Ultra Red, create international connections that sit outside the usual systems of globalised art; connections that might link a specific place to the wider world, or might be born out of friendship or a shared political consciousness. Practice International launched in October 2013 with a series of private gatherings in London and Dakar, as well as a public assembly in Stockholm that sought to further explore the central questions of the project. In 2014 and 2015 Iniva will make the project more public through the first UK exhibition of Issa Samb (May - July 2014) and through a final conference and publication in January 2015.

Ultimately Practice International will offer strategies that help art institutions to become more robust and independent for the future. These strategies, learnt directly from artists, are intended to free institutions from the constraints of the art market and government funding; enabling them to foster new ways of working through informal networks, not formal systems.

Practice International is initiated by Lisa Rosendahl, Binna Choi, and Grant Watson and financially supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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